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The supplier Growatt is one of the top 10 inverter brands worldwide. With its team of around 400 engineers, the company invests in particular in the research and development of its inverter technology.

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The MOD, MIC, MIN and SPH series have a max. efficiency of 98.6% and can be used in a wide range of scenarios for home PV systems with nominal outputs of 0.6 kW to 10 kW. Thanks to the emergency power functionality, all appliances in the house can be reliably supplied by the PV system and storage unit even during a grid failure.

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Lithium storage

High-voltage or low-voltage - simply select the solar lithium storage unit that suits your needs and system. The modular design makes the storage solutions easy to install and expand. The lithium storage units from Growatt shine with an award from TÜV Rheinland and also have some smart features to offer. For example, you can always keep an eye on the current storage status with the associated app when you are on the move.

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With the combination of Growatt Hybrid inverter, lithium storage and wallbox, your customers have the option of charging their e-car both from the grid and 100% from self-generated PV electricity. Using the app functionality, you can determine when the excess self-produced electricity is fed into the e-car.

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Accessories such as the Battery Management System, Smart Meter and Shinewifi Stick complete the Growatt solar storage package and ensure outstanding, innovative functionality.

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