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The battery-powered cleaning machines are used across all industries. So-called scrubber-driers are used for cleaning floors indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the battery-powered devices, cleaning for several hours away is no problem. Some of the areas of application are airports, retail trade, industrial companies and many more.

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There are different battery technologies for the various cleaning machines. A distinction is made between:

  • Gel Deep Cycle: The special feature of gel batteries is that the liquid electrolyte is bound in a gel through the addition of silicic acid. They are maintenance-free, so no water needs to be refilled.
  • TTB Tubular (wet batteries): With the tubular plate technology, the lead plates have a larger surface area, which results in higher performance.
  • Semitraction battery:Semitraction batteries are low-maintenance lead-acid batteries. Their advantage is the good price-performance ratio.

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