Cable assembly


Whether processing electromechanical components, connectors, accumulators and batteries - we specialize in individual cable assemblies. Because only with the right cable all systems can function smoothly. We are a competent manufacturing partner and service provider for new development and conception of all cable assemblies required for your applications.

We manufacture ourselves and cooperate with production facilities from Germany, Eastern Europe and the Far East. This network of diverse locations gives us the decisive edge in the market.

You can count on that:

  • top quality
  • optimal price-performance ratio
  • reliable and fast delivery
  • Unlimited flexibility for customer requirements
  • Logistics service according to your requirements (barcodes, quality agreements, stocking, etc.)

Reliable quality is our top priority. Therefore, our partners are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. For special requirements we have of course also partners according to TS 16949 & ISO14000.

Our international network makes us extremely flexible and efficient. From sample series to small batches to large quantities - we deliver to all industries and for every application. We also process Molex, JST, Hirose, Tyco/AMP (TE) and various other components as a matter of course.
Benefit from our know-how and many years of experience. Outsource the cable assembly and trust our specialists.

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You will receive from us:

Multimedia cable assemblies
• RCA/Mini DIN cable
• HDMI / DVI / VGA / Scart cable
• Adapter cable

Industrial cable assembly
• Round cable
• IDC connection cable
• LVDS-cable
• M8/M12 cables and assemblies
• Water protected assemblies
• special overmoldings on cables and connectors
• Flat ribbon cable / flat round cable
• Flat foil cable
• USB cable
• Cable harnesses
• Assembled single strands

Battery and accumulator assembly
• customized battery assemblies with cable harnesses
• Battery pack manufacturing
• Customized accu assembly with cable harnesses