Batteries & accus for your electro-mobile

To ensure that golf mobiles can last long rounds of golf, choosing the right battery and taking care of it plays a major role. At AKKU SYS, we supply traction batteries from various manufacturers such as Trojan, Exide-Sonnenschein and Q-Batteries. Our efficient stock-keeping and our extensive range of products make it possible for us to supply you with the right replacement battery in the shortest possible time.

Benefit from our already predefined sets for manufacturers such as Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-GO. With Trojan Battery, the world's largest and best manufacturer of compatible replacement golf batteries for golf cars, we offer you the right drive batteries.

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Our top selection of brands

  • brand Lester
  • brand äronix
  • brand s.p.e. electronica industriale
  • brand q-batteries
  • brand trojan battery company
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You have questions about Batteries & accus for Golfcarts & Caddies?

Here you will find a summary of the general questions and answers for the area of electric vehicles.
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How do I charge the battery in the golfcarts?

Many golfcarts already have an integrated 230V charger. Remember that the charging process should not be interrupted. Depending on the size of the traction battery, charging can take more than 10 hours. As soon as the battery is fully charged, the charger switches off automatically.
Please note that older chargers do not switch off automatically

Our long experience in the field of traction batteries shows us that it is important to always have the right battery in stock.

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Where are golfcarts also used?

The electronic golfcarts or also called caddie can be found at almost every airport or railway station. It is usually used to transport people inside a building. These vehicles usually have a large cyclic traction battery, which can be recharged several times.

Various superstructures also allow the use in recreational parks, agriculture and forestry and as a recreational vehicle for the private user.