All about batteries

In addition to rechargeable batteries, we also supply batteries to numerous customer groups. Public institutions, such as fire departments and police and also large purchasing companies from the health industry are among our customers. Due to our purchasing volume, we are able to place very competitive offers.

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Our delivery program includes:


  • Alkaline, manganese, zinc carbon batteries
  • Lithium, lithium thionyl chloride batteries (Li-SoCl2)
  • button cell


Our top selection of brands

  • brand Procell Professional Batteries
  • brand tadiran batteries
  • brand energizer
  • brand Camelion
  • brand duracell
  • brand ultralife
  • brand panasonic
  • brand Varta

You have questions about batteries?

Here you will find a summary of the general questions and answers on the subject of batteries.
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Which types of batteries exist?

For example:
  • Zinc-carbon batteries
  • Alkali-manganese batteries
  • Lithium batteries
  • Button cells
  • Primary cells
  • Lithium thionyl chloride batteries
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    Which brands does AKKU SYS supply?

    We supply the popular battery brands such as:
    Varta, Camelion, Duracell, Q-Batteries, Ultralife, Energizer, Panasonic, Rayovac, XCell and many more.

    What do I do with the old batteries?

    All batteries purchased from us will be disposed properly by us. Please send us the old batteries.

    For larger quantities of lead-acid batteries, we also pick them up from you. Please call us for this purpose.
    If you have quantities > 100 kg, so a compensation is quite possible. We will gladly make you a purchase offer.