Batteries and accus for your forklift

The use of a forklift plays a major role in choosing the right battery. Lead-acid batteries or lead-gel batteries are particularly suitable as traction batteries. For the longest possible service life of the forklift, we recommend regular care and maintenance.

We at AKKU SYS supply high-quality traction and drive batteries from our own assembly for forklifts and help you to make the right choice!

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You have questions about forklift batteries?

Here you will find a summary of the general questions and answers for the area of forklift batteries.
If this does not answer your questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.
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How is the disposal of used batteries handled and when do I receive the payment?

Please note that the delivery of your new goods and the collection of your old battery are two separate processes. A synchronised process (train-on-train) is therefore unfortunately not possible.

The actual weight (weighing record) of the battery determined by the disposal company is decisive for the crediting of your old battery.

Of course, your old lead-acid battery (from 50 kg Germany-wide) will be collected by us free of charge. Please let us know when the battery can be collected. You can also register other lead batteries for collection.

What is a charging socket/coupling/plug?

A coupling/socket (also called a flat contact plug, depending on the manufacturer) with a terminal arrester represents the connection of the forklift battery to the connection plug of the vehicle or the charger.

How often/when should I fill my battery with water?

The nominal electrolyte level of your battery should be checked daily and, if necessary, topped up with demineralised water (always mandatory after the charging process). The battery types PzS and PzB can be equipped with the automatic filling system (BFS), which enables quick and easy filling of the battery. This is not possible with maintenance-free GEL batteries (PzV/PzVB). Please contact us for a suitable filling system.

How often/when should I charge my battery?

In the best case, you should always charge your forklift battery daily if you use it daily. In the case of sporadic / infrequent use, it is recommended to charge it at least once a week or, in the best case, to use a charger with a charge maintenance function. You can purchase this from us. We will be happy to advise you.

What voltage and acid density should the battery have?

Your discharged forklift battery should be charged immediately. For a long service life, avoid discharging more than 80% (PzS) and 60% (PzV) of the rated capacity. Otherwise there is a risk of deep discharge of your battery. The electrolyte density is 1.28 kg/l at 45°C and 1.29 kg/l at 30°C when fully charged.

What is the difference between PzS (lead-acid) or PzV (lead-gel) batteries?

A distinction is made between lead-acid cells/wet batteries (PZS) with liquid electrolyte and the sealed, maintenance-free battery with gel electrolyte (PZV). In the case of PZV batteries, the electrolyte is bound in a gel-like mass which is intended to prevent leakage of the battery as well as time-consuming maintenance.

Is it possible to switch my charger independently?

Yes and no. The decisive factors here are the manufacturer and the model series. With a so-called "multi-charger/workshop charger, the voltage, charging current and charging curve can be set independently. A charger with fixed charging parameters, on the other hand, cannot be changed. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our forklift battery team.

Are the batteries delivered already charged and ready for use?

Yes, the battery is always delivered to you ready for use and in a filled as well as charged condition.