Accu packs assembly


An accumulator or battery pack is made of several accumulator or battery cells. These cells are connected either in a series circuit or in a parallel circuit. The accu packs we offer are made of branded cells and have a high quality finish. The accu packs, which are most often used, we sell from stock.

We assemble accu packs individually to suit your application, naturally in compliance with the latest safety standards. Just tell us the capacity, the cell size, the model and the type of connection. From sample series to small batches to large quantities - we deliver to all industries and for every application.

You can count on that:

  • top quality
  • optimal price-performance ratio
  • reliable and fast delivery
  • Unlimited flexibility for customer requirements
  • Logistics service according to your requirements (barcodes, quality agreements, stocking, etc.)

Reliable quality is our top priority. That is why almost all of our partners are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

All accu packs can, and the Li-Ion must, be equipped with a battery management system. A battery management system (BMS) protects the accu pack from overloads and deep discharges. In addition, depending on the desired functionality during the charging and discharging process, an even voltage of all cells within a battery pack is ensured (balancing). The BMS continuously monitors the state of charge and the functionality of the cells.

Cell exchange

From a larger number, we also offer a cell exchange of your batteries. This is e.g. for tool batteries a cheaper alternative than the original replacement battery. The quality is comparable or better than the original due to the brand cells.

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You will receive from us:

• Ni-Cd accu packs
• Ni-Mh-accu packs
• Lithium battery packs

Application areas:
• Emergency and escape lighting
• Smoke and heat extraction systems
• Door control systems
• Medical technology
• Industrial applications
• Surveying equipment
• Other radio remote controls

• Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) accus made of high quality cells without memory effect
• Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) accus manufactured from robust cells with very good performance characteristics
• NiCd accus may only be used for emergency or alarm systems (§3 Abs. 2 BattG)