Basics and sustainable handling and maintenance of a forklift battery

Join us for new opportunities during this special time. Together with you, we want to address the basics around the forklift battery. In order to take full advantage of the life of your powerful battery, we want to give you an overview of the most important components to deal with the topics of maintenance, care and accessories.

The training is aimed at both topic beginners and professionals who want to expand or refresh their knowledge.
Of course, your personal questions will not remain unanswered.

Currently we offer the trainings only in German language.
(If you are interested in a training in English, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.
We will then inform you as soon as we can offer a training in English.)


  • Basic knowledge about the forklift battery (battery types, cells, etc.)
  • The correct handling of your battery
  • Maintenance and care for a long service life
  • Fitting filling system
  • Electrolyte circulation
  • Selecting the right charger
  • Accessories / cable sets and plugs

Our referents:

  • AKKUSYS Mateo

    Mateo Strek
10:00-12:00 h
Basics as well as sustainable handling and care of a forklift battery10,00€ended
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