Northstar Blue

AGM 12-15 year types especially suitable for demanding stationary battery applications

NSB Blue+ battery - Fast charging and high cycle stability
In large parts of the world, the power supply is unreliable; Quite a few regions suffer from multiple power outages every day. This means frequent charging and discharging and thus a sensitive shortening of battery service life. In order to reduce the effects of the outages or the charging time with diesel generators, it is crucial to be able to recharge the batteries as quickly as possible. batteries as quickly as possible. The next power outage is bound to come.

To counter uncertain grid conditions, the battery cycling capability must be exceptional.

NSB Blue Star technology offers up to 5 times faster charging and has up to 3 times higher cycling performance than comparable standard AGM battery types - thanks to PSOC compatibility. This not only ensures a reliable power supply, but also reduces the cost of ownership.

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What is a PSOC battery?

PSOC stands for Partial State of Charge. Conventionally manufactured lead-acid batteries are not PSOC-capable and have to be fully charged again after each discharge in order to reach the service life. However, a full charge cycle takes an enormous amount of time. A PSOC capable battery does not require a full charge after each discharge and is much faster and easier to charge. NSB Blue batteries are true high performance PSOC capable batteries. In unstable applications or applications where no mains power is available, such as diesel gensets, the frequent discharging and charging destroys standard batteries. But not NSB Blue! NSB Blue delivers exceptional performance in this type of application - thanks to PSOC.

The NorthStar NSB Red battery - PURE LEAD for long service life:

  • Superior PSOC cycle performance, fast recharge for long service life in volatile mains supply, and great fuel economy when used with hybrid systems.
  • 2-year shelf life at 25°C
  • Partial State of Charge (PSOC)
  • Ideal for environments with very unstable AC mains supply
  • High cycle stability and fast recharge
  • Modified electrochemistry delivers high capacity and high energy density
  • Great fuel economy when used with hybrid diesel genset applications
  • Ideal for renewable energy applications such as solar power systems
  • Temperature operating range -40°C to +65°C
  • Modern, automated manufacturing process for durability and functional reliability
  • Halogen-free, thermally welded PPO plastic housing for durability even at high temperatures
  • Safe operation due to a pole feed-through with 3-fold sealing
  • Female M8 threaded high current brass poles for maximum performance
  • Heavily flammable (UL 94 V0) and LOI value - oxygen index of at least 28%
  • Integrated handles and front pole connectors on FT series for easy access during installation and maintenance
  • No hazardous materials for land, sea and air transport DOT 49CFR173.159 (d), (i) and (ii).

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