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Victron Energy is a Dutch manufacturer of battery chargers, inverters and more. The company develops innovative charging concepts especially for motorhomes and boats with smart features like app control. As a business customer, we offer you a wide range of Victron products at competitive prices.

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The Blue Smart series has a temperature-controlled charging cycle, which can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and the Victron App.

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Charge booster

Victron Orion-Tr Smart products are buffer chargers specially designed for dual battery systems where the alternator and starter battery are not connected. Alternator and the starter battery are used to charge the supply battery. The Orion-Tr models can be monitored with an app via Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

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Inverters convert 12V DC voltage from batteries into 230V AC voltage. With a pure sine wave, they are also suitable for sensitive electrical appliances. Victron's devices are short-circuit-proof, protected against overheating and can be controlled via app.

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Solar controller

Solar charge controllers maximise energy harvesting from solar panels and intelligently direct it using state-of-the-art technology to fully charge batteries in as little time as possible.

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multifunction device

The MultiPlus from Victron Energy is an inverter with 800W and a 12V charger at the same time. During peak loads, the inverter provides additional power from the battery when generator or shore power is low.

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