Trojan batteries


Trojan Battery Company, with more than 80 years of experience, is one of the leading manufacturers of cycle-resistant batteries. Its reliable and long-lasting batteries are designed to meet the specific needs of traction applications and renewable energy.

Application areas:
Working and lifting platforms, risers, cleaning machines, golf and commercial vehicles, wheelchairs + e-mobiles, marine, caravans, solar applications, wind turbines and many more.

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Gel series - Deep-cycle gel batteries

Robust, excellent performance and long life
These deep-cycle gel batteries from Trojan are sealed supply batteries that deliver high amounts of energy for heavy duty traction applications. With gel technology (bonded electrolyte), this Trojan range is perfectly designed for heavy duty, excellent performance and long life.

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Premium series - deep-cycle batteries

Power for Renewable Energy
The premium line of deep-cycle batteries is a 10-year type - specifically designed to withstand the demands of solar and wind power applications.

Trojan offers outstanding performance and exceptionally long life with this advanced range.

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Signature Series - Deep-Cycle Batteries with T2 Technology

Long-lasting power and durability
These reliable top sellers in the Trojan product portfolio are deep-cycle traction batteries - specially designed for traction applications such as risers, cleaning machines, golf and utility vehicles, wheelchairs, RVs, boats and solar and wind power systems. With their proven T2 technology, an advanced battery technology with long-lasting performance, longer life and reinforced power supply, these batteries offer good value for money.

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