Q-Batteries is a quality brand with the highest standards for its products. Manufacturing lead-acid batteries on state-of-the-art production lines, we offer an extremely high standard of quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Q-Batteries offers a tailor-made product range for almost any application.

The range of lead batteries is differentiated into three areas:

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    Motive Power (Cyclic)

    In this section you will find different product series around the topic of motive power batteries with different technologies for cyclic applications such as cleaning machines, lifting platforms, caravan/marine, golf carts, driverless transport system, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, electric vehicles or wheelchairs and many more.

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    Reserve Power (Stationary)

    This area includes stationary battery types, which are mainly developed for use in emergency power supply, UPS systems and security and fire alarm systems. Q-Batteries also offers efficient products in this area for the storage of energy from solar and wind power plants.

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    Automotive Power (starter batteries)

    Q-Batteries 12V starter batteries are tailored to the needs of modern vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats and more, and have brilliant starting characteristics and consistent high performance throughout their life.

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    Lithium Power

    Lithium batteries can be used in many areas of application and are characterised by their low weight and longer service life compared to lead batteries. These innovative cell technologies offer a high level of operational safety and serve a wide variety of areas such as golf trolleys, scooters, cleaning machines, rehabilitation technology, caravans/marines and much more.

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    Battery Packs

    Q-Batteries assembles the right battery packs for every application. You specify the capacity, cell size, design and connection type. In addition, they also exchange cells in tool batteries.

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    The chargers with excellent quality and numerous safety mechanisms charge all lead battery types (acid, gel, AGM)gently and safely. From the 3-stage desktop charger to the energy-saving high-frequency charger for traction batteries, you will find the right device.

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