These lead-acid batteries, designed specifically for stationary applications, achieve a longer life expectancy than conventionally manufactured battery types, even under critical operating conditions. This reduces the impact on the environment, as well as the total cost of ownership due to reduced downtime, lower battery replacement costs, and longer replacement intervals. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques allow for increased performance as well as exceptionally long service life.

By integrating the NorthStar product range, AKKU SYS is able to provide its customers with another quality product for the highest demands with these premium batteries.

Northstar batteries can be equipped with the ACE chip (Advanced Connected Energy via Bluetooth) for battery monitoring.

Application areas:
UPS systems, emergency lighting, telecommunications, special applications, backup systems with unsecure grid connection, off-grid applications. Systems for self-power utilisation, special applications and much more.

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Why Northstar?

NorthStar Battery Company was founded in 2000 in Springfield Missouri USA by a group of battery experts with more than 100 years of combined experience in battery manufacturing for industrial applications.

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Northstar series

All NorthStar products are extremely reliable and cost-effective AGM front terminal batteries that are ideally suited for demanding stationary applications. They are divided into Northstar RED series and Northstar BLUE series, which is specifically designed for applications in unsecure grid connections.

Pure lead technology

NorthStar battery products are manufactured using pure lead technology. Manufacturing the positive plates with this technology allows for an increase in performance as well as an exceptionally long service life. When using this technology, the service life can be extended to up to 15 years under favourable circumstances and under stable mains conditions (standard is approx. 10 years).

Thin-plate technology

NorthStar can produce an extremely thin and corrosion-resistant plate due to advanced and sophisticated manufacturing processes. Because of this technology, NorthStar achieves a much larger panel surface area. The resulting up to 15% higher energy density offers a significant weight and space advantage over competitors using conventional manufacturing technologies.

Northstar & the environment

The factories at the Springfield, Missouri USA site are built to the strictest environmental standards and the manufacturing process also complies with stringent environmental regulations to avoid environmental contamination from lead in the air or lead in the water. The water used in the manufacturing process is cleaner when it leaves the factory than when it enters the factory.

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